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Our philosophy

Technology Research:

Devoting into plastic domain with technique, research and application, providing the best assistance of technique upgrades for related industry is our priority.

Contact Information: Bo-Da,Cheng (Team Leader)


Telephone: +886-4-23595900 ext.504


Contact Information: Hunter Tseng, Ph.D


Telephone: +886-4-23595900 ext.527

Biomedical Technology Group:

With the concept of “From medical needs to product” as our biomedical material developing process, we expect to look deeper into the problems occurred during medical treatments. Proposing the solution to develop innovative new materials with niche market.

Contact Information: Acacia Yu (Team Leader)


Telephone: +886-4-23595900 ext.696

Analytic Technologies and Total Solution:

PIDC provides the assistance (service) of all kinds of inspection and analysis to all plastic products/components, solving problems with efficiency, improving qualities with the results of customer’s satisfaction.

Contact Information: Ming-Kun Chen (Deputy Manager)
Analytical Technology Dept.


Telephone: +886-4-23595900 ext.630

Products Verification and Safety Evaluation Services:

Offering product safety, quality-related decree or standard inspection services internationally. We are approved by well-known verification authorities along the globe.

Contact Information: Walter Hsu (Deputy Manager)
Verification Technology Dept.


Telephone: +886-4-23595900 ext.621

Quality Environment Safety Department:

Providing companies all kinds of assistance such as: business management, sustainable development, product design and marketing, etc..

Contact Information: Chien-Chiang Chen (Deputy Manager)
Quality Environment Safety Dept.


Telephone: +886-4-23595900 ext.324

Information & Knowledge Exchange

We devote ourselves building an environment with learning and growth. Offering professional courses in order to assist companies training their employees.

Contact Information: Team Leader
Knowledge & Information Dept.


Telephone: +886-4-23595900 ext.403

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